Ladies place

Enjoy your inner power with showing beautiful technique

We have been conducting courses, seminars and trainings for women since 2010.
Woman who wants to discover herself, learn how to enjoy her nature, learn to move gracefully, just to seduce with her gait and inner state – we invite you to the High Heels dance classes or very special Women`s courses and seminars.

Topics of lectures and practices at the seminars and women`s classes:

– What pleasure in life is 

– What prevents us from getting it (stereotypes and attitudes)

– Where to take strength for the development of the svadhishthana-chakra

– Crises in the development of a child`s sexuality

– Stages of development of adult sexuality

– How to develop physicality and sensuality (lectures and practice)

– How to find and define your fetishes

– How to understand your sexual role (lectures and trainings)

– Analysis of training films on the development of sexuality

– How to find your most desired fantasy and what to do about it

– How to find the right person to fulfil your fantasy

– All about seduction as a natural experience but consciously

– Hatha yoga and special breathing techniques for developing and enhancing sexual health

– Dance-oriented practices using the base of High Heels, Booty dance, Twerk

– Gait and everything about beautiful dance – for beginners

– Work with program settings on the topic of acceptance of one`s body, appearance, as well as harmonious communication between the sexes

– How to build relationships, the laws of feminine behaviour

– Work with jealousy (types of jealousy and meditation on its elimination)

– Relations in a couple, a trio, etc. how to build the energy of the process

– Photo and video projects for participants

Power of femininity 

Girls power seminar 

Dance is an instrument for growth

Private dance for our dearests you can also learn in our classes 18+ or personal sessions. 

Witches video project was made for beginners (3,8 million views on our YouTube):

Hot video project for pro and intermediate level students:

For booking and more information on current classes and seminars please write us via mail or directly in IG or Telegram.

Congress CID at UNESCO, Vitaliya’s speech “Epatage in Dance art”