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run by Vitaliya Gubenko yoga & dance teacher, sexologist

My name is Vitaliya Gubenko, I am a certified instructor of the Ukrainian Federation of Yoga and the European Yoga Alliance.

I started my acquaintance with yoga in 2003. This ancient tradition made me better and stronger, revealed my strengths and continues to do so. Since childhood I‘ve wanted to help those who work on themselves strive for a better version. When I started doing yoga I realised that I didn`t want to work in the field of my first technical education. I felt that I had huge resources and wishes and lots of things to do that would make me and other people happy. I like to teach aspects of life that give us real feelings, rise positive emotions and open new and old wishes. We can see the world brighter with more possibilities. 

The world is amazing and extremely curious to learn about it – inside and outside.

I`ve made many seminars on different aspects of yoga conducted independently and together with UFY teachers. I specialise in yoga practices to develop the sensuality and emotional sphere of a person. My first IT education in Master`s degree was replaced by a second and closer in spirit now. I am a sexologist. I have a long time interest and like to share also the topic of seduction as a natural state. 

Through the art of dance I’ve been also teaching since 2008 – about physicality, body control and joy of life.

I`ll be glad to see people in my classes people who are ready for discoveries and new steps on their way.

With Ukrainian federation yoga teachers in Berlin.


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