Natya yoga for dancers and teachers

Open up your full dancing potential

Natya Yoga is a new direction in yoga and dance! 
Classes and workshops for dancers and dance teachers.
This is the project of friendly federations – Ukrainian Yoga Federation with Ukrainian Yoga Therapy Institute and Ukrainian Dance Federation. It was created under the initiative of superwoman and president of UFD Natalya Mogolivets

Natya Yoga (from the Sanskrit language Nāṭya – the art of dance and acting) combines elements of yoga and various dance styles. 
The practice of Natya Yoga for High Heels dancers takes place as part of classes, as well as in separate workshops online and offline.
The instructor is Vitaliya Gubenko
Co-author of the complexes – wonder woman Elena Akhrameeva, yoga instructor since 2004, founder and president of the Ukrainian Institute of Yoga Therapy. 
Our goal is to harmonize the alignment of the body and the emotional state of the dancer, taking into account the peculiarities of this modern style. 

Dancing entities, we invite you to the yoga mat!

In the classes we develop:

– bodily-motor skills of the dancer of different zones

– emotional sphere

– dancer’s awareness

– We practice different ways of breathing (full yoga breathing, isolated breathing, dynamic techniques and practice of muscle locks)

– Harmonize the alignment of the body with the main muscular and tendon meridians

The practice is recommended for experienced dancers and beginners as well as dance instructors.

NatyaYoga Official


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